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Tan Marshmallow Root, Organic - 1 lb

Marshmallow Root, Organic - 1 lb

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Frontier Co-op Marshmallow Root is a high-quality ingredient processed from the root of the marshmallow plant. It is commonly used in teas, poultices, syrups, ointments, lozenges and other products due to its sweetness and fragrance.


Product Features

MARSHMALLOW ROOT - Frontier Co-op Marshmallow Root (Althea officinalis) is a key ingredient in many syrups, teas, ointments, and lozenges. It is derived from the root of the marshmallow plant. There are no artificial additives or chemicals used at any step of the growing process.
A VERSATILE INGREDIENT - Marshmallow root is gluten-free. It’s a useful addition to your herb drawer. Besides serving as a distinctly flavored ingredient in beverages, it’s also used in skincare products.
PERFECT AS WELLNESS TEA - This high-quality marshmallow root is popular in household wellness recipes because of its sweet taste and starchy aroma.
ORGANIC FROM BULGARIA - Frontier Co-op Organic Marshmallow Root is harvested in Bulgaria. This product is organic, kosher and non-irradiated.




To prepare as a tea, add 1 tsp. of herb to 8 oz. water in a pot. Cover and simmer 15-30 minutes, strain and serve immediately.

Flavor Profile

Sweet, slightly mucilaginous

Botanical name

Althaea officinalis L.
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